Carla Sieck

Playsport Australia
Community Activations and supporter of participation in Sports, Recreation & Wellbeing experiences.

Support Initiative

Hello everyone! 🌞

I'm Carla, a recent member of the Bondi Chamber and Community Activation Manager of PlaySport.Β 

PlaySport is an activation platform for all sport, rec and wellbeing experiences and as supporters to everyone in the community who is struggling during the lockdown, we wantΒ  to offer a FREE 1hr profile building session.

During that session, one of the Community Activation team members will share a bit of what we do and how you can be part of it. Together we’ll go over your organisation's necessities and objectives and build your profile accordingly. Taking into consideration key pillars like member management, participation, promotion, and communication tools to unleash the true potential of your organisation. Having a better understanding of what makes your business unique we will also schedule a day to promote your organisation through our social media to give you more exposure.

By the end of the session, your business will be part of the most comprehensive sport, rec, and wellbeing platform with a professional-looking landing page where you can host your online and face-to-face experiences while taking online payments.

To book your free profile building session send us an email at or share this with someone you know who might need it!

PlaySport aims to provide an alternative to keep going for all the local organisers in the community.Β 

Kind regards and stay safe
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