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Export Market Grants

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If you are an aspiring exporter or an exporter who wishes to expand its export market operations, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission has a revamped program that supports businesses like yours with up to $770K in grants for eight years.

Austrade's EMDG program used to be a reimbursement one. In the revamped version, starting on 16 August, all you need to do is to make a plan and submit an application. If your application is deemed eligible, you will enter into an agreement with the Commonwealth and receive your funds in advance.

There are three tiers of businesses:
Tier 1 - Never exported before eligible for up to 40K per annum for two years
Tier 2 - Already an exporters, eligible for up to 80K per annum for three years
Tier 3 - An exporter planning a strategic shift, eligible for up to 150K per annum up to three years.

Drop us an email via to discuss your eligibility, and learn how we can assist you.

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We do also provide EMDG consultancy services.

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